When Passion Turns to Violence

It’s no secret that I have been stumping very hard for the reinstatement of the net neutrality rules, and how much I disagree with the FCC chairman on this issue. However, the revelation that this highly-controversial issue has subjected Mr. Pai to bomb threats and death threats is extremely troubling.

Unfortunately, that level of “conversation” has been encouraged by our very most prominent leaders in government, sports, and the arts. Is it any wonder that the more violent among us feel empowered to exercise that violence in the furtherance of their points of view?

This crap has to stop. It’s time for all of us to stop going along with the words and behaviors that rob us of the advances we thought we’d made as human beings. In our lifetimes, there have been things we have all agreed are okay, and things we have all agreed are not okay. But, alas, those lines have been destroyed—in business and in our personal lives.

You have a powerful voice in your community, not only through the bully pulpit of your radio stations, but through your own personal integrity. If ever there was a time to leverage that power, it is now.