Well, Duh

I shouldn’t mock or minimize the impact and importance of the RAB/Media Monitors finding that radio advertising drives search results. It’s just that those of us in local radio have known that for a long time.

Witness the incredible online traffic counts that many radio stations enjoy. What drives that traffic is well-crafted online advertising—notice I use “advertising” instead of “promotion”—that is applied constantly, consistently, and non-preemptively.

We have also seen, anecdotally, that when we run an ad for a merchant who has a good website—I’ll define “good” in a moment—we get people to go to that website.

When I say a “good” website, I mean one that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and puts information relevant to the advertising front and center.

(Few things bother me more than advertising that sends you to a website, but the website makes no reference to the advertising and doesn’t fulfill the promise made in the ad. Unfortunately, even the big guys are guilty of this: I once heard an ad for IBM, of all things, telling me that I could find more information by going to their website. Well, I went to their website, and there was no further information.)

Once again, I give propers to the RAB for providing us with the kind of ammunition that will help us to solve one of our biggest contemporary problems—demonstrating our relevance and importance to a world enraptured by the chimera of new media.