Survey says: Radio trails TV in social media

According to the latest RTNDA study of broadcast newsrooms by Hofstra Professor Bob Papper, “Radio continues to make strides in social media, but remains well behind TV.” According to the study, 42% of responding radio stations are “covering the topic of social media in newscasts”; 31.1% are “incorporating it into storytelling”; 62.2% are “integrating it on the website”; 29.7% are “doing nothing.” Large-market stations are leading the way, with 63.6% incorporating social media into storytelling, while on average only 26% of small-market stations do so. Papper notes, “A year ago, radio soared in the use of social media … This time around, growth was more like a slow walk.” Another finding: 70.2% of newsrooms say they have a Facebook page, and almost 50% have Twitter accounts.