Survey says: out-of-home listening dominates

A new survey from financial firm Coady Diemar Partners headlines, “Radio listening is gradually becoming more mobile.” Away-from-home listening is now 64% of all listening, up from 59% ten years ago. Coady Diemar analyst Chris Ensley notes that even though Arbitron “stopped reporting the breakout of in-car and at-work listening when measurement migrated to PPM. . a greater share of listening is taking place in the car than ever before.”

In addition, Ensley notes, “Terrestrial radio’s reach dwarfs online radio’s reach. In the U.S., terrestrial radio reaches roughly 93% of adult listeners each week, or 241 million adults. This compares to online radio, where 29% of the 12+ population, or 76 million, listened to online radio last week.” He continues, “Terrestrial radio remains the dominant form of audio listening [69% daily share], significantly more than iPods/mp3s [11%], satellite radio [9%], CD players [6%] and Internet streaming [5%].”