“State of Media Sales” survey releases 2023 results.

The study, the product of a collaboration among SalesFuel, AdMall, and BIA Advisory Services, shows that sales managers in the survey are optimistic for this year, projecting an average increase of over 10%, with local-direct and franchise sales being the most mentioned in a positive way. Moving to general managers, 52% pegged the home improvement category as the highest growth factor in 2023; but healthcare and employment recruiting aren’t far behind. As far as automotive goes, 30% of the managers think that sales to auto dealerships will go up significantly this year, but the majority of those same managers predict that sales to automakers themselves are likely to decrease. The managers count finding good sales people as their number one challenge. Under 30% of sales people in the survey are working from home, down from the pandemic-era 60% in 2021. About a third of all respondants said that selling digital ads is getting easier, with 30% of radio sales people saying so.