SMRP 9: Fresh Approaches | Promoting for TSL | Congresspeople at Home



If you read or listen to nothing else this week, Episode 9 of SMRP is a must! This week we talk with out-of-the-box thinker Roger Utnehmer; prepare to be surprised at every turn. (Example: When we asked him the question, “How do you find good salespeople?” he replied, “Bait and switch.”)

For this week’s Promo Check, consultant Gary Berkowitz shares why promotions that maximize “incidents of listening” are great for time spent listening.

And in our Last Word, we discuss the responses we got to last week’s question, “Has your relationship with your Congresspeople changed in the past year?” The answers may surprise you.

Show Notes

Interview — Roger Utnehmer

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  • Jerry Lee’s “Write to Engage” program: The website,, is currently unavailable. We are tracking it down and will share our results here and in our newsletter.

Promo Check — Gary Berkowitz:

Host — Jay Mitchell: