SMRP 47: Bob Hoffman, Rod Schwartz



In this outing, we chat with one of my heroes, veteran advertising “mad man” Bob Hoffman, an iconoclastic figure who’s not afraid to call BS on the nonsense that seems rampant in advertising today (especially digital). But Bob is more than a mere agitator: he backs up his positions with solid research, which you can use to give your clients a more accurate perspective on their online advertising strategy. And Bob has a lot to say about the perceptions and realities of digital, Facebook, the under-appreciated 50+ demo, and more.

This week we feature a Sales Tip on “financial sizing” from Rod Schwartz, the hardest working man in show business, with a busy production company, Grace Broadcast Sales, which markets telemarketing campaigns radio stations throughout the continent, and a healthy account list for a prominent local radio group. All of which is to say, Rod knows his stuff!

Show Notes