Setting the Example

I’ve been raving about all the stupid things people are doing during the pandemic, but last week I heard some good news—and an object lesson for what should be happening throughout the country.

I was talking with my sister-in-law on the East End of Long Island, which picturesque locale was the worst of the worst when the Coronavirus first invaded our shores. But now, Suffolk County, NY is the best of the best, with the crisis nearly behind them. In fact, daily life has returned to near-normal, with shops, restaurants, and pretty much everything open for business and people openly enjoying what the area has to offer.

What has made the difference? There are strict laws about wearing masks and maintaining social distances. These laws are strictly enforced by law-enforcement. Response is swift, and fines are stiff.

But what is more important is that the citizens of the area take their responsibilities seriously, realizing that the protective measures they are taking are for the benefit of their neighbors, and that their neighbors are in turn protecting them.

If it can happen in New York, it can happen anywhere. All that is required is two simple things: a clear message backed up by action from local leadership, and an understanding among the populace that small sacrifices for a short period of time behaving unselfishly and conscientiously—will bring a return of near-normal life quickly and permanently.