Selling Your Website

This perennial question—which has become nearly as ubiquitous as, “How do you get and keep salespeople?”—hit the message board at Radio Sales Café last week, and some good points emerged. Let’s follow the thread. . .

The Question

I am wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas on selling your station website? We have a great website packed full of information for our listeners and its accessed a lot by our community. . .but as a sales staff we are having a hard time selling it. Any tips or ideas would be helpful 🙂 Thanks!

—Jessica Norgaard, Gillette, WY

The Answers

❙❙❙ Many radio salespeople, including myself, have had a difficult time transitioning to interactive sales (website, etc). Metrics for most radio web sites aren’t even close to what the local newspaper or TV stations’s sites are.

However, my first tip is to prospect those websites; see who is already preconditioned to advertising on media websites.

Second, take in a spec ad, just like you do with radio. Have your graphics person make up an ad that could appear on your web site for the advertiser you have in mind.

Third, don’t over-promise anything. Display ads on web sites are for branding. If an advertiser is fortunate enough to get even one click-through to his web site, that’s a victory.

Fourth, make sure you offer the statistics of how many impressions his ads on your site(s) receive, and how many click-throughs he gets.

Finally, don’t expect display advertising on your web sites to deliver anything close to what ads on your stations deliver. Display ads are an entry to web-based advertising. The real money is made through key-word marketing and other web based promotions. There is a lot of training available at

 —Mike Petersen, Terre Haute, IN

❙❙❙ Do you have streaming on your website where people can listen live? If yes, you can create a “Listen Live” package that includes broadcast spots, sponsorship of the streaming package with banner and link back to your sponsor. Include promos that highlight the program and mention the sponsor(s) of the program to give them added value.

—Brenda Ellison, Venice, FL

❙❙❙ Web based promotions—Yesss!!!

Custom client solutions—Yesss!!!

Streaming, tiles and banners—okay—but neither the client nor the radio rep gets maximum results on the passive display ads. Just as in the radio commercial, ya gotta ask yourself, “What do we want the listener to do or believe after seeing this message? How can we sell more of our client’s stuff?”

Enhance the radio message with “more details” on your website. Pop in a client video. Offer a client’s special offer on your website for a limited time (like 10a-3p) and promote every hour on the radio with a recorded message.

Does an air-talent endorsement enhanced with a web video or photos on a splash page make sense? Enhance your on-air commercial with a web video demonstrating the air personality’s experience with the client. Whether it’s laser hair removal, test driving the new car model, or showing the newly remodeled kitchen from Katy’s Kitchen and Bath, the online visual hosted by the air personality with on-air support sending listeners to your website for more details gets results!

—Amy Dillon, Muncie, IN