Score one for translator opposition.

Over and over, the Prometheus Radio Project, the Center for International Media Action, and Common Frequency, Inc. have fought the FCC’s approval of FM translators for AM station licensees, alleging that those frequencies should be allocated to low power FM stations. And each time the Commission has rejected them. Now, once again, the Commission has dismissed the trio’s challenges—in 993 of 994 applications. The Commission’s rejection of the organizations’ claims have been based on the fact that they have no standing in the individual cases, but now the agency has ruled that in one case, one of the activist outfits does have the right to its appeal. The Commission has ruled that Paul Bane, of the Prometheus Project, does have standing in the application by Mega-Philadelphia for a translator in Camden, NJ, which would allegedly cause interference to a Philadelphia LPFM, WPPM-LP, to which Bane listens.