Musical Chairs at the Commission

We are glad to see Jessica Rosenworcel renominated to her post at the FCC. She didn’t make a lot of headlines, but she represented her party well in the partisan environment that is the Commission. We are concerned, however, about the speculation that Rosenworcel could supplant Mignon Clyburn, which, at least for the present, would continue to leave the FCC two seats down. With all respect to former and probably-future Commissioner Rosenworcel, if Ms. Clyburn were to depart, we would be losing a prominent and well-reasoned voice—which, if the speculation has foundation, may well be the point of denying her another term.

According to the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service, the administration has filled only 25 of 556 key positions in the government; whether the position of FCC Commissioner is up there with Cabinet secretaries, undersecretaries and ambassadors, it might be some time before the Commission is at full force. Under the circumstances, we fervently hope that Commissioners Rosenworcel and Clyburn remain in place, and that the subsequent 2-2 party parity will prompt the nomination of the fifth Commissioner to give that body the deliberative power that only full force will provide.