More speakers = more listeners.

Smart speaker ownership has surged over 400% in the past six years, marking a significant audio megatrend, according to Edison Research. The growth in smart speaker adoption is contributing to the evolution and expansion of audio consumption, resulting in increased reach, more time spent on streaming audio, and higher tune-in frequency. Edison’s data, presented in the “Audio in Evolution” webinar with Amazon Ads, revealed that smart speaker owners are more likely to engage with streaming audio, with 91% of U.S. adults owning a smart speaker reporting streaming audio consumption in the past month—20% more than non-smart speaker owners. Smart speaker owners spend nearly five hours daily on audio content, surpassing non-smart speaker owners by +12%. The presentation also highlighted additional audio megatrends, emphasizing the thriving nature of streaming audio, its potential for brand engagement, the diversification of content options, and the lasting impact of new audio technologies.