Moms are on it.

A report from Edison Research’s “Moms and Media” shows that US mothers are major digital audio consumers with evolving tech preferences. It revealed that 98% of mothers in the US own a smartphone, with growing ownership of smartwatches (47%) and wireless earphones (75%). This tech-savvy group, which controls 85% of household spending—amounting to $3 trillion annually—is crucial for brands targeting digital audio content. The report, supported by Audacy, Cumulus Media, and SiriusXM Media, found that 43% of moms listen to podcasts weekly, and 82% engaged with digital audio in the past week. This is facilitated by the portability and convenience of wireless earphones, allowing moms to listen while managing daily routines. The study also noted that moms spend an average of four hours and four minutes online each day, with 97% using social media and 96% engaging with it weekly, demonstrating how digital technology shapes moms’ interactions and connectivity.