LPFM group tries to stop FM translators.

The Prometheus Radio Project has filed a petition for an emergency partial stay and processing freeze of the new rules governing FM translators for AM stations, which are slated to go into effect April 10. According to the PRP, the rules would “cause immediate and irreparable harm to many of the low-power FM licensees Prometheus has advised and assisted and to their listeners, whose rights are paramount under the First Amendment.” Prometheus’s beef is allowing the translators to be sited within either the 2 mV/m contour of the primary station or the 25-mile radius from the primary transmitter site. In the petition, Prometheus notes, “If, as is frequently the case, LPFM licensees lose their transmitter location and must relocate, they will be forced to shut down or to relocate to a distance that could preclude them from reaching their established community audience.”