Kudos to Chairman Pai

It took him a while, and I’m sure the myriad discussions with his staff lasted long into the wee hours, but ultimately the FCC chief issued a well-crafted comment on what his boss said the week before about yanking a network’s license.

We all know that Mr. Pai has his sights set on bigger things, and few of us doubt that this politically-savvy populist will achieve them. But now we also know that he is willing to respond candidly and definitively when a core American freedom is dragged through the mud, even if there is a risk that he could cross his boss.

But how much of a risk did he really take? For one thing, he did not overtly contradict what the president said. To be sure, he “clarified” the issue, but without specifically correcting the LOTFW. But we have to give him props for his forceful statement in support of the First Amendment, which is boss seems intent on dismantling.