Jumping In with Both Feet

As I mentioned in last week’s issue, my attendance at the Podcast Movement conference instilled in me a much better understanding of the dynamics and the relevance of this evolving sub-medium. As I write this, the “Small Market Radio Podcast” (SMRP for short, not to be confused with MSRP) is taking shape. First, it will be weekly, free to all, and, hopefully, advertiser-supported. Second, the content will be an extension of the newsletter, with interviews conducted with the writers who appear in the newsletter, industry leaders, and up-to-the-minute news-makers. (It will also include a dollop of commentary from your humble editor.)

The podcast will also take up the subject of podcasting itself, from the viewpoint of someone who may be just a few minutes ahead of you when it comes to adopting—and monetizing—this meaningful medium line-extension.

I’m lining up the first episode as we speak, and it should launch simultaneously with the next printed issue. Stay tuned. (And by the way, topic suggestions will be gratefully accepted.)