Halloween Promotions

BEST HALLOWEEN HOUSE DECORATIONS. Do a competition judged by a local blue-ribbon panel of listeners. Conduct a “Tour of Terror” of the winning homes.

BLACK CAT SINGS THE CALLS. This is a fun promotion that gets media attention. Your station gives a cash or merchandise prize to the owner of a black cat (or any cat, for that matter) that can sing the station call letters. Make it a station event where contestants and other listeners come to participate. Goofy but fun.

CANINE COSTUME PARTY. It’s one thing to do a Halloween costume party for people, but how about one for dogs? You’ll attract lots of pet owners, have a lot of fun, and probably generate some press as well.

FRIGHT NIGHT. Sponsor an invitation-only Halloween costume party at a local spot. During the month of October, give away pairs of tickets to the 13th caller when they hear a fright sound (cackle, scream, creaking door) or part of a Halloween song. At the event, award prizes for the best, worst, scariest and most creative costumes.

GLOWING EYES. If you wear contact lenses, ask your optometrist for Fluorescein; soak your lenses in it; put them under a black light for an hour or so, and your eyes will glow in the dark.