I’m ashamed to say how long it has been. Weeks? Months? At least several of those. But at long last, the new, improved, mostly awesome is on full display. Well, mostly.

Other than the publication which you now hold in your hands (perhaps virtually these days), my labor of love and profit is developing websites. So you’d think it wouldn’t be that big a problem to knock out a new website for this publication. Au contraire.

For one thing, I’m pretty busy developing and maintaining other people’s websites. This little cottage industry of mine is really taking off, thanks to a wonderful content management platform that makes designing attractive, sticky websites easy—and makes it easy to maintain them by overworked, understaffed radio stations and other small businesses.

For another thing, since I do this for a living, I feel extra pressure to make sure that this newsletter’s website is the best example of what I do, and represents real value to you and all our readers.

While I am proud of what we have come up with, we ultimately had to decide just to get it out the door. Any website is work in progress, and is definitely so. We decided to get it out the door while we are still working out the kinks in a couple of key areas:

We are still using the old pages for subscriptions. They are secure and they work, so rather than rushing something, we are using them for the time being.

We haven’t quite worked out the Subscribers Area yet. This is a high priority for us—and for you—so we are working feverishly to get this resolved, primarily so you’ll have access to our back issues.

Please accept my apology for this being a bit of a work in progress, but having it up and running gives me more motivation to get it finished quickly.

Take a look, and let me know what you think. If there’s something we can do to make it a better experience for you, let me know.