Fighting the Good Fight


It’s always a delight to spend time with my friend Bud Walters, and we had just such an opportunity at the fantastic gathering of good broadcasters at Larry Fuss’s Las Vegas home before the start of the NAB convention. Almost at the outset of our conversation, Bud asked me, “Have you given some thought to NABPAC?”

As a matter of fact I have, and it should be on the top of all of our lists to contribute whatever we can to this important initiative. As the NAB describes it,“NABPAC is the federal political action committee of the NAB. It supports the election of candidates to the U.S. Congress. NABPAC promotes good citizenship and encourages voluntary contributions and participation in the political process by educating and mobilizing NABPAC eligible individuals to support candidates for political office who champion broadcast issues.”

Before you do anything else this week, log on to and get registered. Then give whatever you can.

With so much of what we stand for under assault, and with so many ways that our business freedoms can be curbed, the work of NABPAC is more important now than ever. Let’s all invest in the future of our businesses and our industry by contributing generously.