FCC slams Georgia LPFM for advertising violations.

The Athenian Multicultural Study Club has been fined $10,000 for airing advertisements on their Alternative-formatted WPLP-LP, licensed to Athens.

Editor’s $0.02: The Commission has been, in my opinion, far too lax in enforcing the underwriting laws that apply to LPFM and non-commercial stations. Frankly, they are getting away with murder, and it hurts commercial broadcasters. I am a great supporter of the right kind of noncommercial broadcasting because it provides a cultural balance to our medium and can be a good source of talent as well. But when they start formatting their stations to compete with commercial operations, and accept thinly-disguised advertising, I draw the line. Let us hope the new Commission keeps its attention focused on noncoms and LPFMs, many of which are violating the very principles for which these broadcast categories created in the first place – to provide service to communities and neighborhoods that are underserved by commercial stations.