FCC on the warpath.

Once again this week comes news of Commission actions in one of their two areas of focus right now—late renewals and political aberrations in the public file. This week, the FCC has proposed a $3000 fine against Cultural Energy for a late renewal application for noncom KCEI/Red River, NM; they were nearly a year late getting their renewal app in. And, for the second time in the last few weeks, the Commission rescinded a late-renewal fine when the licensee, Fairfield Educational Radio, produced evidence that they had received permission for a late filing for their noncommercial station KHOE/Fairfield, IA. Editor’s $0.02: As with the other case of gun-jumping, I am quite familiar with the operation of KHOE—they operated in my once-home town, they were a good source of part-time talent for my radio stations, and they were—and are—good broadcasters.