Farber leaving RAB.

Erica Farber, who served as Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) CEO for twelve years, is stepping down from her position. Neuhoff Media CEO, Mike Hulvey, will succeed her as President and CEO from April 1, 2024. Farber will remain involved in RAB’s leadership development training and the National Radio Talent System. Jeff Warshaw, RAB Board Chair, expressed gratitude for Farber’s decade-long leadership, acknowledging her significant impact on the radio industry. Under Farber, RAB evolved into a comprehensive organization, fostering relationships within the advertising sector. Hulvey’s appointment is endorsed by the RAB Executive Committee and Board of Directors, recognizing his corporate management experience and understanding of the broadcast industry. Hulvey, a radio industry veteran, expressed honor in leading the RAB, succeeding Farber, and emphasized his passion for the industry. Warshaw praised Hulvey’s skills, expecting his leadership to benefit the RAB and the broadcast industry at large.