Fall Promotions

fall-promotionsTHEME NIGHTS. Take a cue from the big guys and work with your local high school athletics departments to come up with some attendance-boosting on-site promotions that you can participate in and talk about. Simple example: Ask fans to wear one of the team’s two colors (most teams have two). Great visual.

KICK FOR CASH. Line up one or more participating sponsors to offer a cash prize or a Prize Pack is a randomly-selected fan can score a field goal from a predetermined distance.

PASS, PUNT, KICK. From the back of the end zone, your contestant starts with a pass towards the opposite goal line, followed by a punt from where the pass landed, and ends with a kick through the uprights. As above, your participating sponsor or sponsors provide a prize.

PERFECT PUNT. Park a truck a set distance from pay dirt. Randomly select your contestants to pull off the perfect punt into the bed of the truck. Prizes provided by participating sponsors.