Don’t Blow It!

voteThis election is arguably the most important in our lifetime. One of the two leading candidates will become the next president of the United States. There are only two choices, and a vote for any other candidate — or no vote at all — is a wasted vote at best, and a vote for “the other guy”  at worst.

Remember this as you step into the booth on Tuesday — or more likely, as you fill out your absentee ballot. This is not the time to vote special interests, or what you think is best for our industry. (I’ve talked to leading broadcasters who are strong party partisans on both sides, and everyone agrees that whichever party is in power, how that affects us is a toss-up.)

Rather, this is the time to vote for the future of our republic. Hold your nose if you must, but vote for the major-party candidate that best represents your values and those you want our country to reflect, to its own citizens and to the world.