Don Imus, 79.

Just as we are putting this issue to bed, we receive word of the passing of the iconic personality. The cause of death has been undisclosed, but conjecture centers on the cancer diagnosis Mr. Imus received some years ago. Various news reports have pulled out of mothballs the moniker “shock jock,” and the kinder, gentler DJ of latter days belies the fact that the I-Man was, in fact, the very definition of the term. (YouTube is a good place to find some of his wildly creative earlier work.) As Mr. Imus evolved, both as a performer and a human being, he put his big heart on display, but his cranky wit persisted. The phrase, “the end of an era” is overused nowadays, but if it were ever appropriate, the departure from this plane of existence of Don Imus would certainly make the cut. – – –