Class Act

It’s not good news for anybody involved when an entire team is fired, especially during the holiday season—which, unfortunately, coincides with the end of the business year. Usually the terminees in such cases are silent; sometimes they issue half-hearted statements about how excited they are to pursue new opportunities. But this week’s Facebook post by just-axed Hubbard/Seattle morning guy Allan Fee was, to me, an example of true class. He said this:

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to live my dream. Not too long after starting my career at age 16, I set a goal to do morning radio in Seattle. A little over three years ago I was given a chance at the perfect time. I was given an opportunity to work in my dream city with a great company and wonderful people. Working with my longtime best friend [show producer] Kevin Justik and [on-air partner] Ashley Ryan has been a great blessing. We may not have figured it all out, but we had some good times along the way. In the last several weeks, our company made several cuts around the country—everyone on our show included. I understand and respect the move and wish everyone at Hubbard/Seattle all the best. I’m am so grateful and appreciative to have had the chance to work alongside all of you. I’ll be rooting for each of you to have great success in the year ahead. Thank you again and Merry Christmas! . . .be@peace.

I don’t know what kind of air talent Mr. Fee is, but I wouldn’t mind having one more staff member with that kind of character.