Christmas & Holiday Promotions

holiday-promotions“FOR KIDS ONLY” SHOP can be established within retail locations for the holidays. Set up low tables divided into categories: for Mom, Dad, Sis, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, and “someone special.” Most of the gifts on each table cost under $5.00. Set up a separate table with free gift wrap so the kids can wrap their own gifts.

$5 FOR $4. A Kentucky discount store operator created a lot of talk, a lot of traffic, and a huge Saturday during a slow week in January by announcing he was selling $5 bills for $4. The offer was limited to the first 500 shoppers.

ANGEL TREE. Angel Trees are placed in ten locations around the market, including a restaurant, department stores, discount stores, a gas station, a church, the post office and the radio station. Listeners visit one of the locations and pick an angel from the tree; each angel contains the first name of a needy child or an elderly citizen, and the gifts they would like to receive. Listeners then purchase a gift and take it to the service desk of the location, or to the radio station. The station then arranges for the Salvation Army to make sure the right gifts go to the right “angels.”

BAD WEATHER DISCOUNT. When a sudden storm threatened his special “marathon” sale, an appliance dealer in upstate New York ran a heavy radio schedule offering discounts 10% below the sale prices printed in his newspaper ad. (He had a great day, needless to say.)

CABIN FEVER GETAWAY. Arrange a cruise on a riverboat for two. Place registration blanks and point of purchase displays at participating sponsors. Feature discounted items from sponsoring businesses to generate traffic.

CD CALENDAR. Take a CD jewel case, and make up 12 calendar pages, 4¾ inches square, one for each month, with your logo on each month. (If you want to get really creative, feature a picture of a different station activity or jock on each page.) Insert the pages into the CD case so the first month is displayed. Each month, remove the top page to go to the next month.