CBO: AM is a bargain.

In the expansive $6 trillion federal budget, allocating funds to preserve AM radio in vehicles is a minuscule expense. The Congressional Budget Office analyzed the proposed AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act (S. 1669), estimating a total implementation cost of $1 million between 2024 and 2028. If enacted, the bill mandates the Department of Transportation to ensure AM accessibility in all U.S. passenger vehicles. It also requires the Government Accountability Office to evaluate alternative communication systems for emergency alerts. The CBO asserts that this expense can easily be covered within existing DOT and GAO budgets, with potential penalties on non-compliant manufacturers offsetting some costs. The bill enjoys support from 34 senators, transcending party lines, and a House version (H.R.3413) has garnered 165 backers. While debates on various issues loom, the focus on radio in Congress has already influenced Ford and other brands to maintain AM radio in their vehicles.