Breaking News: FCC overturns net neutrality.

Despite overwhelming opposition – polls show 83% of Americans are opposed to the move – the FCC, moments ago, voted to repeal the net and rules that were put in place during the Wheeler FCC. This move completely deregulates the broadband industry, allowing carriers to charge whatever they want, to whomever they want. (Verizon has already indicated that they will implement changes to their rate structure.) Editor’s $0.02: make no mistake, this is going to harm your business. The arguments pro and con have been presented here, in the newsletter, and elsewhere, so we won’t repeat ourselves here. But the fight is not over: several activist groups are planning to mount legal action to halt the implementation of this policy. I urge all of our readers to take a careful look at this issue. When you do, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: this is a colossally bad idea and should be stopped in its tracks.