BFOA broadcasts hope.



The Broadcasters Foundation of America is launching new promotional campaign, “Broadcasting Hope,” to reach broadcasters across the country with a barrage of multimedia advertising to ensure that industry members in acute need know they can apply for aid from the Broadcasters Foundation — the only charity devoted exclusively to providing financial assistance to broadcasters whose lives have been devastated by illness, accident, or disaster.

“There are broadcasters in local markets across America who may qualify for aid, and it’s imperative that they know the Broadcasters Foundation can be a life support,” explained Dan Mason, Chairman of the Broadcasters Foundation. “The radio and TV trade publications and members of the National Alliance of State Broadcast Associations (NASBA) have been very supportive in helping us expand awareness of the Foundation’s charitable mission.”

“We are grateful to the radio and TV trade publications for their generous support,” added Jim Thompson, President of the Broadcasters Foundation. “With their valuable help, we can make sure that every broadcaster in America knows that they or a colleague can apply for aid when in dire need from unforeseen and devastating circumstances.”

Ads from the Broadcasting Hope campaign will run in radio and TV trade publications beginning this week.

For more than 70 years, the Broadcasters Foundation has disbursed millions of dollars to thousands of needy broadcasters and their families. Individual donations can be made to the Guardian Fund, corporate contributions are accepted through the Angel Initiative, and bequests can be arranged through the Legacy Society. To learn more, please contact the Broadcasters Foundation at 212-373-8250 or or visit