About the Publisher

Jay Mitchell is a second-generation radio broadcaster who began his career as a copywriter at his dad’s radio station at the age of 12. At 14 he was selling Muzak; at 16, after becoming one of the youngest ever to obtain an FCC First Class License, he hosted a nighttime Top 40 radio show while still in high school.

At 23 Jay was the general manager of a top ten-market radio station and the national program director of its parent company. He owned a radio group in Southeast Iowa; and as a consultant, he has worked with great radio stations large and small — from Los Angeles, CA to Hot Springs, SD.

Currently, Jay edits and publishes The Small Market Radio Newsletter, hosts The Small Market Radio Podcast, and provides web services to select small market stations and groups.

He makes his home in Southern California with his wife, Sharon, and their discount designer dog, Issa.