Will SESAC gum up the works?

According to an article in the Tennessean last week, “An 11th-hour proposal by the music licensing company SESAC to change the Music Modernization Act (MMA) could torpedo the landmark copyright legislation that is on the brink of becoming law.” In response, the music-licensing agency wrote, “SESAC wholeheartedly supports the goals of the Music Modernization Act and wants those goals made law—just like you do. We are concerned that a lack of competition might damage not only our business, but songwriters, too. We’ve suggested a simple amendment to improve competition so we can continue to ensure that ALL songwriter and publisher royalties continue to grow.” The part of the bill with which SESAC takes issue is the creation of a new licensing collective to oversee digital mechanical license for songwriters and music publishers. Quoting again from the Tennessean article: “SESAC’s pitch to change the MMA stems from the company’s concern that creating a new licensing collective would make companies that administer such licenses obsolete. SESAC owns the licensing firm the Harry Fox Agency…” Here’s a link to the full Tennessean article.