Wheeler: Pirate radio not just an enforcement problem.

wheeler-tomResponding to a letter from 16 members of Congress from the New York State calling for the Commission to crack down on pirate radio stations, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler asserts that “The pirate radio problem cannot be solved by enforcement alone.” Wheeler writes, “Matters posing an imminent threat to public safety or directly harming large numbers of consumers must take precedence over other matters, including pirate radio.”

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  1. October 5, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    Having been a broadcast engineer for more than 40+ years I certainly understand the problems that pirate radio operators create for the licensed broadcaster. For almost a decade I’ve been assisting educational institutions as well as hobbyists in the use of legal, license-free low power radio broadcasting under FCC Part 15 regulations. The problem I see is that FCC field agents fail to distinguish pirates from Part 15 operators. These hobbyists and schools spend much more money on an FCC certified Part 15 transmitter than most pirates do buying those imported, spur-riddled FM transmitters that pollute the airwaves. Pirates definitely need to be dealt with but my fear is the continuing failure of FCC field inspectors to discern the difference between Part 15 radio enthusiasts and blatant pirate stations.

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