Webmaster, Heal Thyself

It’s a common tale: The tailor’s kids run around in rags. The shoemaker’s kids go barefoot. And the webmaster’s “kids”—his own websites—are often the last to receive attention.

Unfortunately, the website attached to this publication is not an exercise in self-indulgence, but rather an extension of the usefulness of the publication itself—just as your website should be an enhancement of the service that you provide to your communities.

In the case of www.smallmarketradio.com, I am happy to report that we are making progress. We made the rather monumental decision to change the hosting company that we use and recommend (more on this below), so we have been busy moving all our websites to new servers; we have been using that opportunity to refresh an upgrade our sites as we do so.

Our website now contains a complete list of back issues from this week to back at least 15 years; when the project is complete, back issues will be available from the first issue (in 1983) to the present. We are working on making all those issues fully searchable, and we hope to have the search engine in place yet this week.