Tilting at windmills. Again.

musicfirst-tearsThe musicFIRST Coalition wants the FCC to step in to force NAB member stations to air advertising in support of the Performance Rights Act. According to musicFIRST, NAB radio station members have refused to sell the coalition advertising time to promote fair pay for performers and copyright owners, while running their own advocacy spots in opposition. The allegation goes on to say that radio broadcasters allegedly threatened retaliation against courting artists who spoke out in favor of the legislation.

Editor’s $0.02: What am I missing here? Do we not have the right to refuse advertising, as long as it is not coming from a legally-qualified candidate for public office? The last time I looked, musicFIRST is definitely not that. MusicFIRST is treating this like some sort of scandal, to which I say, “Get over it.”