The president returns to the radio airwaves.

A frequent talk radio caller prior to and during his presidential candidacy, last week he gave his first radio interview since becoming president—apparently goaded into it by Oliver Darcy of CNN, who noted the long period of silence and how unusual it was, given that conservative talk radio would provide him a “safe haven.” The lucky host was Chris Plante of Washington’s WMAL; after talking about his tax reform proposal, the president lit into Sen. John McCain, who recently made some pointed remarks about him, the president, saying, “People have to be careful because at some point I fight back. And it won’t be pretty.” He also claimed that ISIS was in retreat now and not before, “because you didn’t have me as your president.” Later, Number 45 was a guest on Mike Gallagher’s syndicated show, prompting Salem Radio Network VP/News and Talk Programming Tom Tradup to comment, “This was an awesome day for talk radio…. The ‘Obama Drought’ for talk radio is clearly over, and we’re honored as an industry to be back on the White House’s radar…”