The Hot Factor

In last week’s issue I made a passing reference to President Obama making what some thought was a faux pas in describing his friend, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, as,”the hottest attorney general in America.” (In fairness, this was preceded by a litany of Ms. Harris’s lengthy professional credentials and accomplishments.)

During the week I got an e-mail from Kevin Chilcutt, news director at WZEP, DeFuniak Springs, FL, calling my attention to his state’s AG, Pam Bondi, saying, “You think California’s attorney general is good looking; take a gander at Florida’s. And our beaches are prettier too.”

Well, Kevin, game on.

Having lived a big chunk of my life on Long Island, I admit that I am partial to East Coast beaches, but I honestly can’t say that I prefer the appearance of Ms. Bondi – who kind of looks like a weekend weatherperson to me –to the “I earned every line” visage of our own Ms. Harris. (I was surprised to find that both women are in their late 40s, proving to me that plastic surgery thrives in states other than California.)

Since we have long ago crossed the line into silliness – not to mention abandoning all pretense of political correctness – I decided to see what other states boast legal eye candy at the AG level. To do my research, I turned to the National  Association of Attorneys General, whose website helpfully lists and depicts each and every state AG in the union.

Of the 50 candidates, the six that I feel are the hottest in the land are pictured at the top of this article.

If you feel like doing something irrelevant and slightly unseemly, I invite you to visit the NAAG website and send me your picks. Maybe we’ll have a runoff election and crown the Fairest AG in the Land. Maybe we will so notify the winner.

Me, I’m sticking with Ms. Harris. I’m in enough trouble in my adopted state already.