The FCC gets a makeover.

The new administration has plans to shift key FCC functions to other federal agencies. The administration’s landing team— Wireless CEO David Morken; American Enterprise Institute Visiting Fellow Roslyn Layton; AEI Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy Director Jeff Eisenach; and Former AEI Visiting Fellow Mark Jamison—plans to shift some issues for other agencies, like the FTC, and, according to a report in Broadcasting & Cable, “taking a less stringent approach to regulating communications with a focus on reflecting the changes in the industry wrought by the onset of the digital age.”

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  1. Patricia DeWerff
    February 27, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Radio is at a serious crossroads: large stations with ridiculous 50,000 Watts for AM and FMs coming in with 100,000 Watts is a huge waste of energy among other matters.
    Smaller wattage stations make sense and cents. Gone are the days when the markets needed over powering stations to blast away day and night with repetitive and simulcasting of their formats. No new ideas, just follow each other seeking only more dollars and not needing or wanting to contribute to the needs in our society. Not that making money is not good, it is great, but it is not the only gauge for success. What we don’t need now are inexperienced bureaucrats reinventing the communications act of 1932.
    We do not all live in large cities, we live all over this great big country in small towns that need small wattage stations that personalize their approach by relating to their local listeners with appropriate programing. These smaller stations are sensitive to the needs of their demographics and work closely with community groups and businesses alike to provide good solid programing. The smaller market station operates on a much smaller budget, with one person wearing several hats. Quality is not hindered in fact in many instances it is enhanced.

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