The Commissioner takes a stand.

pai-ajitFCC Commissioner Ajit Pai spoke at the Kansas Association of Broadcasters last week, and ticked off his positions on a number of issues, including AM revitalization (“it’s already paying off,” Pai said, and he called for more FM translators and rule changes that would improve signal quality and broaden site location opportunities)… Public file rules (Pai repeated his demand that the Commission no longer require station paper versions of public letters and emails )… Media ownership rules (keeping the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership bans in place is, according to Pai, “a profound mistake”). The Commissioner was especially forceful about that last topic, saying, “The FCC’s decision to retain the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rule had nothing to do with the facts, nothing to do with the law, and nothing to do with common sense. Instead, it was all about politics. And I fear that at the rate we’re going the newspaper-broadcast cross-leadership rule will outlive newspapers themselves, absent judicial intervention.”