Talent with baggage.



WMYQ (KIX 92.7)/Greenwood, MS has taken the controversial step of hiring accused sex offender David Mueller, formerly at KYGO/Denver. Station owner Larry Fuss has endured his share of criticism for the move, including death and bomb threats.

We reached out to Larry—reaching him at 5:30 AM in Hawaii, where he is doing some legwork for his new station—and he told us, “This whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I hired David because he is a good talent and he was extremely available, and all of the allegations about him are unproved, at least, and downright false some cases. believe me, before I hired him, I looked carefully into his background. Oes, he was involved in a civil suit—not criminal—and the jury awarded Taylor Swift a judgment of one dollar, which should tell you something. And that is the only incident that I could find anything about.

“People are saying. I did this just for the publicity, but that’s not true. Sure, I expected some play in the trade press, but nothing like the media coverage I received. As you might imagine, I’m getting a lot of hate mail, but most of it has nothing to do with me or David Mueller—women are writing me describing incidents in their own lives, for which I am somehow, in their minds, responsible. Mueller is a good guy who may or may not have made a mistake. And I’m happy to have him working for us in Mississippi.”