Survey Says: “Radio’s Future Is in Radio’s Hands”

A study conducted by Alan Burns and Associates and Triton Digital, released at the Radio Show, report a range of emotions associated with various media:

  • Radio–“energizes,” “relaxes,” “honest and believable ads.”
  • TV–“annoying ads,” “ads you can skip.”
  • Internet–“informative,” “connecting with other people.”
  • Newspapers did not win a single consumer image.

Alan Burns commented on the study, saying, “Radio’s future is not in the hands of Pandora or any other technology —it’s squarely in the hands of consumers, who will react to what we give, or fail to give, them. Thus ultimately radio’s future is in radio’s hands.” He continued, “Consumers like radio. They have personal relationships with radio, they trust radio more than any other medium, they’re in a good mood when they’re listening, and they find radio ads less annoying than those on either television or the internet. Radio is incredibly strong.”