Survey says: People can live without the paper.

In a recent blog post, Edison Media Research president Larry Rosin writes, “Thirteen years ago, still one third of Americans ages 12 and over (who now of course would be 25 and older) said the Internet was the least essential to their lives [among the Internet, newspapers, radio and television]. Of course, at that time only 57% of households had Internet access in their homes (compared to 85% today).” Rosin brings us up to date by saying that today,nearly half of our sample says [the newspaper] is the ‘least essential’ of the four.” After noting that it is impossible to know how much newspaper content is now subsumed by the Internet, Rosin notes, “Of course when a guy named Craig decided to start a List, and give it away for free, he helped set print into what’s likely an unrecoverable spiral.”