Survey says: mobile audio behind dramatic growth of digital media.

quinn-patrivkAccording to PQ Media’s annual report on media usage—both traditional and digital—we should see a 7.3% compound annual growth rate for digital media usage in the five-year period beginning in 2014. The report projects that the average digital media listening will rise to 23.9 hours per week by 2019—more than double the usage in 2009. PQ Media found that digital media accounted for over one fourth (27.7%) of all media consumption in the United States in 2015; and within the digital media category, mobile audio group 33.5% and mobile video rose 26.9%. Meanwhile, traditional media in 2015 fell to 46.8 hours per week, and the report suggests a 2.1% compound annual decrease in traditional media usage during the period of 2014-2019. Television is still the most powerful medium, with 50.2% of all media consumption; but, according to PQ, that number will drop below 50% by next year, the first time that medium has been that low since it’s early days in 1953. According to PQ Media President/COO Patrick Quinn, “Increasingly, online and mobile media usage is being driven by the digital brand extensions of traditional media.”