Rays of Hope

In the midst of the slew of the spew that characterizes nearly all political advertising these days, I was shocked to discover two instances of high-minded campaigning—one national and one local. (In fairness, most local political advertising is respectful and positive.

The national ad to which I refer might have run only in California, I don’t know: it was an ad, voiced by Morgan Freeman, which touted the candidate’s strengths and viewpoints with nary a mention of his opponent’s alleged malfeasance. It didn’t run very often and it didn’t run very long, but it was a refreshing change of pace.

The local ad was for, of all things, a local water commissioner, and it might just be the best political ad I have ever heard—unquestionably the best locally-produced ad of its type. The ad was the brain-child of our friend Steve Trivers, who is having way too much fun and who is doing way too much business for a septuagenarian second-career-perpetrator. (Hey, Steve, does it bother you that you are taking jobs away from the Philippines?)

The ad consisted of an alternation between the announcer (played by the always-reliable Bob Small) and the candidate herself. The announcer played up the candidate’s qualifications; the candidate (the incumbent) spoke of her past accomplishments and future objectives. The ad was informative without being wonky, persuasive without being shrill.

But why am I going on so, when you can hear the thing for yourself? Thanks to the estimable Mr. Trivers, we have secured a copy of the ad; click below to listen.

Political advertising that is positive, enlightening, informative and persuasive—and effective? What a concept.

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