Radio’s Best Bud

walters-bud-lgOne of the reasons I look forward to industry confabs is that I have the opportunity to run into Bud Walters, who, besides being a great guy, has done more for AM radio—and small-market radio—than anyone except Guglielmo Marconi himself.

Take, for example, translators for AM operators. Little is known about the fact that Bud Walters, acting out of the frustration of not being able to listen to his own AM radio station, cooked up the whole translator thing with communications attorney John Garziglia, giving AM broadcasters the best lease on life since AM stereo.

Butd has also been a tireless champion of NextRadio, the initiative to activate and organize the FM chip in smart phones, listening directly to FM radio from your phone without data plan consequences.

So small market radio, this Bud’s for you.