Podcasts draw more advertising interest.

Westwood One and Advertiser Perceptions teamed to perform a study of podcast advertising back in July – a follow-up to a similar study done in September 2015. According to the new study, the number of advertisers planning to invest in podcasting has doubled; over twice as many advertisers and agency reps (21%, up from 10% last year) say they’ll buy ads in podcasts within the next six months. Those currently advertising in podcasts are up from 15% to 21%. Those who say they have talked about using podcasts has advertising media have risen from 41% to 58%, and 28% responded that they would “definitely consider” advertising on podcasts within the next months. According to Westwood One President Suzanne Grimes, “Podcast hosts have strong, devoted listeners who trust what they have to say, both on the air and across social media. Advertisers are flocking to podcasts because they can create custom branded experiences natively woven into the fabric of the show and its digital extensions – breaking through the clutter of our ever-evolving digital world.”