Patent troll? You decide.

A company incorporated in Belize, Global Interactive Media, has once again brought suit against a major U.S. media company for alleged patent infringement. GIM is suing Cumulus Media over the latter’s “Station Finder” service, with which visitors to its corporate website can look up Cumulus-owned radio stations. According to the holder of U.S. Patent 7.574,721, Cumulus is infringing by using “a method for identifying one broadcast provider through a combination of a geographic identification code and a broadcast identifier, the method comprising: digitally storing, in a database, one or more geographic identification codes that are each associated with at  least one area or location in which a broadcast is receivable from at least one broadcast provider.” GIM holds two other patents which it claims Cumulus has violated, but they are just as hard to understand as the first one, so we’ll just leave it up to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois to wade through them.