Now what’s your excuse?

nextradio-phonesIt’s now more affordable than ever to get to the next radio next level, as TagStation reduces the fee for its enhanced service to radio stations to $10 per month per analog FM station. In addition, the setup fee is being eliminated. For HD channels, the setup fee has also been eliminated but the fee stays at $35/month because of the higher cost of support. TagStation President Paul Brenner says, “These changes address the cost concerns raised by broadcasters in smaller markets and take them off the table. With 60 million FM-enabled smart phones expected in 2016, next year is going to be a big growth year for next radio and the US radio industry. Our research shows that a consistent, interactive next radio experience will be critical for supporting new AT&T and T-Mobile FM smart phone owners and for winning other carriers. So now is the time for all radio stations to get on board tag station, engage with their listeners in a new way and prepare for the new sales opportunities through next radio.” For more information, contact Libby Hiple at 317-684-2952, or