Next Is Now

jay-nextradioI have long been a supporter of NextRadio, encouraging readers at least to register with TagStation and submit their logos, at least to get on the field.

But NextRadio offers so much more to radio stations who subscribe to the TagStation service—go to and watch the video. And now, thanks I’m sure to people like Bud Walters and other influential small-market broadcasters who are true believers in the NextRadio concept, subscription rates have dropped into the no-brainer range. At $10/month, a TagStation subscription costs about as much as a subscription to your favorite online music service and way less than other professional tools you may be using (eFax, QuickBooks, etc.).

You may come away from the video thinking that you don’t have the infrastructure or information to make the best use of the TagStation subscription service, but I think this is one of those instances where we need to heed the advice of Dr. Robert Schuller, who famously said, “Don’t confuse decision-making with problem-solving.” At that price, none of us can afford not to support this game-changing initiative—and as we become more familiar with the offerings, we’ll figure out a way of taking advantage of them.