New Country format hits the air.

Catfish Hunter – Superstar Country PM Drive

Local Radio Networks (LRN) is introducing a new 24/7 music format, “Superstar Country,” featuring hits from the 80s through today, with a focus on the genuine country stars from the 1990s through the 2000s, blended with more current hits that are, as LRN says, “authentic to the true Country sound.” The format is already on two stations – WJDT/Rogersville, TN and WIBV/Mount Vernon, IL. According to LRN Vice President/Programming Chris Reeves, “We’ve rounded up the best national Country radio talent and combined their voices with the most popular hits from the biggest country music stars, all with maximum localization.” For more information on Superstar Country and the 12 other 24/7 LRN formats, contact Donna Halverson at 214-307-5087 or